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    Providing smart investment solutions that make sense for you

About Halton Wealth Management


Know exactly what you’re getting when you invest.

With over 25 years of knowledge and experience, we can guide you to your best investment options. Our independent financial advisory firm is located in Burlington, with services available throughout Southern Ontario. We work primarily with serious investors who are motivated to achieve outstanding results. One of our many specialties is working with future and current retirees to plan and execute a sustainable retirement income, ultimately providing a peace of mind. When you work with us, you can expect a personable experience, combined with quality and consistency. You will be working closely with the same advisor, every time.

  • Your advisor will know your financial situation inside and out, so you can benefit from a strong relationship and stay in control of your finances.

  • You work with an entirely independent firm. We have no ties to banks or brokerages. Our compensation is based only on the solutions we provide. This means you can measure the value of our services.

  • You will experience complete fee transparency. Fees are fully transparent, easily understood and reported to you on a regular basis. Some fees are even potentially tax deductible!

  • You will benefit from a fair and fully-transparent, fee-based service agreement. Client fees are negotiable based on the size of the assets and the scope of the work involved.

Empower yourself and find out

  • How much you are truly paying in fees for your existing investments?
  • How much you can save by making a better choice?
  • How you can lower your risk without sacrificing performance?
  • How transparent your portfolio can be?
  • How confident you can become with your financial wellbeing?
  • How well you will be prepared for your retirement and throughout retirement?


Success built on honesty, experience, and determination.

Your portfolio will be customized to meet your unique investment needs. It will be regularly managed on an individual basis, with below average risk. Our individually-customized tax efficient investment solutions have consistently outperformed the markets, with less risk and lower cost than most other solutions. You can feel confident in your investments. Our experts will provide you with quality advice and recommendations based on extensive research and years of experience. You can benefit from consistent reports, monthly and quarterly newsletters, monthly statements, and online access to your portfolio. Our clients can expect no surprises. We take the time to educate you, so that you can feel confident in the decisions that you make. Ultimately, we can help you build a completely customized portfolio that’s geared towards helping you achieve your financial goals.

  • You will experience the benefits of greater tax efficiency.

  • You will have direct ownership of all holdings (no units of a large pool).

  • You can trust our advice and recommendations. Our recommendations are based on extensive research and years of experience.

  • Once your portfolio has been created we will continue to provide you with unbiased advice and investment recommendations design to meet your specific ongoing needs.

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