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Financial Planning

Unlock your Investment Potential with Halton Wealth Management

Build A Rich Future with Your Financial Planner

Achieving success with your finances requires a holistic financial planning approach. That’s why our Certified Financial Planners carefully review every aspect of your current financial standings to create a financial plan that you and your advisor agree is the best for your specific needs. From risk assessment and retirement strategies to estate and tax planning, let us guide you toward a wealth-building journey tailored for your long-term success.


At Halton Wealth Management, we believe in the power of a strategic financial plan. Picture this – a consistent partnership built on transparency and trust with your partner in planning, who takes the time to learn every detail about your goals, interests, and financial health. This tailored approach provides the highest level of service to each client. Together, you and your advisor will develop a personalized financial blueprint designed for your success. In this formula, every goal is one step closer to the unique financial future you’ve been dreaming of.
A dependable connection nurtured by consistent communication, transparent conversations, and extensive know-how ensures unwavering confidence in the financial plan you create with your Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Your relationship will involve honesty, tough love, and transparency built in an environment of open dialogue as you and your advisor keep each other up to date on your financial landscape and evolving goals. Regular in-person meetings and detailed reports act as checkpoints to carefully assess and fine-tune your plans for long-term financial success.

Your Future Success is Our Business.

Let our team help strengthen your financial trajectory. Whether preparing for retirement, navigating life’s many transitions, optimizing tax strategies, or structuring your estate plan, your Certified Financial Planner is here to guide you through every step of your financial journey, empowering you to a prosperous future.

Building a Stronger Financial Future, Brick by Brick.

Your hard work has brought success but also new responsibilities. At Halton Wealth Management, we focus on more than success—we aim for the peace of mind of a prosperous future. Your financial planner is committed to your success and not to selling you unnecessary products. You can rest easy knowing that your financial planner will optimize your assets for short-term and retirement goals with no sales pitches involved.
Financial planning incorporates financial management, risk management, retirement, tax, estate planning and much more with investment and insurance strategies for your family. With financial planning, none of the above components are ever dealt with entirely in isolation. It is the integration and interdependencies among these components, as well as the need to analyze and synthesize information presented to formulate strategies, which distinguish financial planning from other forms of financial advice. It’s a process, not a product. Financial Planning is all about setting goals and establishing a plan and timeline to achieve them. Our fee structure emphasizes full financial integration and a client-focused relationship. At Halton Wealth Management, our transparent fees ensure no hidden costs or external motivations—just consistent client representation.

Maximize Your Financial Potential by Crafting a Blueprint for Your Prosperity

We’ve been stewarding your financial success for over 25 years.

Our founder, James P Gunn (we call him Jim), Financial Advisor since 1996 alongside his wife, Katarina, founded Halton Wealth Management in 2002. Over the years, we’ve developed a dynamic team, combining Jim’s wealth of financial experience and tough love approach with Katarina’s dedication to fostering a close-knit client community. As our team continues to grow, we stay committed to our foundational values, guaranteeing a cohesive approach that maintains the exceptional service our clients have relied on for years.

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Our Values

We strongly believe that your investments should reflect your interests, ambitions, comfort level, and future. That’s why we do things differently.


At Halton Wealth Management, honesty is our cornerstone. Our wealth advisors are committed to offering unwavering, unbiased guidance aligned with your financial goals. Trust us to prioritize your financial success—because we answer to you, not some suit in the sky. So, you can count on us to provide the tough love you need for impactful results.


When you partner with us, you unlock the knowledge we’ve accumulated over decades in financial services. We bring a robust bank of knowledge to the table, ensuring you benefit from the unique blend of expertise and personalized insights tailored to you.


With a focus on long-term solutions, our commitment to you is unwavering. We build relationships with our clients to ensure they consistently succeed in their financial pursuits; because our success is tied directly to yours, we are motivated to help you achieve your financial goals and grow your wealth.

Our Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) will create a plan that works for you.

Explore our custom-tailored solutions carefully prepared to fit your unique needs and future plans. Our strategic approach includes a meticulous risk management assessment and a personalized portfolio, all aimed at helping you achieve your specific financial goals.

We’re dedicated to ensuring you make informed financial decisions. That’s why our proactive approach involves continuous monitoring of your investments, offering transparent reporting, and actively seeking tax-saving opportunities to strengthen your financial future. By minimizing fees and taxes, we create pathways for your investments to thrive. This diligent oversight leads to a sturdy financial outlook. Count on us to keep you updated on your portfolio’s progress, ensuring a confident and secure path for your wealth.

When you partner with Halton Wealth Management, you can trust our team to provide strategic insights, valuable advice, and operational efficiency that is essential for your portfolio to reach its fullest potential. Discover our investment solutions and witness their transformative impact on your financial future today. It’s time to invest with certainty and confidence.  

Ready to take control of your financial future? 

From your first consultation, expect personalized financial services and continuous support to help you achieve your goals with us.