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Retirement Income Planning

Secure your Financial Future with Expert Financial Advisors

Advice You Need for a stress-Free retirement

Your financial advisor that specializes in retirement income planning will ensure the investment choices you make for your money are the right ones for your future. At Halton Wealth Management, we provide you with the advice you need for all of your financial planning, retirement planning, including estate planning, so that you can retire comfortably and confidently.


Whether you’re jumping into the early stages of retirement planning or catching up later in life, every retiree’s concern is the same: Whether the financial blueprint they’ve created will be resilient enough to provide them with the lasting income they need to enjoy a rich financial future. For many, retirement will span 30 years or more, meaning a long stretch of life that can either be enjoyed to the fullest or leave you stuck in a situation where you’re spending your golden years stressed as you try to stretch your money to sustain your lifestyle. 

At Halton Wealth Management, our mission extends beyond simply offering financial guidance to our clients. Our goal is to provide you with holistic financial management solutions. Our seasoned financial advisors create tailored retirement plan with your unique goals in mind, providing advice on income strategies, estate planning, and tangible goals that provide a retirement income so that your money works for you in your golden years and not the other way around.


We know retirement planning can be intimidating, so the experts here at Halton Wealth Management have created The Retirement Income Confidence Program, designed to help you reclaim your peace of mind. This exclusive program provides each of our clients with an individualized retirement strategy crafted to plan for your retirement and confidently manage your finances throughout your golden years. Years of hands-on experience with a diverse clientele across Canada has culminated in this unique formula to provide the framework you need for a secure and confident financial future. 

Every retirement looks different, so every retiree needs a unique plan that works for them.

At Halton Wealth Management, we understand that every person has different goals and plans for their retirement; that’s why we believe every retirement plan should be as unique as you are. We meticulously tailor our retirement strategies to suit your specific financial goals, preferences, and circumstances. By taking a personalized approach, we present you with investments that ensure that your retirement savings deliver the retirement income to meet your needs and aspirations so that you can enjoy a rich future for many years to come.

Wherever you are in your retirement journey, we’re here to assist you.

Before retirement, most individuals focus solely on saving an adequate amount of money to allow them to live comfortably during their retirement. This process can be stressful as they’re planning for an unknown amount of time, but it is a critical step to ensuring your retirement years are spent well and not stressed or stretched financially.
Once you enter retirement, stress comes from managing assets effectively to meet your current and future needs. This is a time when missteps can lead to a lack of retirement income in later years. Many retirees are afraid to step into the plan they’ve made for their retirement because they fear the money they’ve set aside will run out. We call this state of mind The Retirement Income Uncertainty Trap™, and we’re here to keep you out of it.

Navigating Your Path to Financial Prosperity: What Stage Are You In?

Pre-Retirement: Planning for a Rich Financial Future.

Your age is a key asset in shaping your financial future. In pre-retirement, we prioritize consistent contributions to your tax-advantaged portfolio and optimize employer-matched savings where available. Through our comprehensive assessment, we project your retirement trajectory, evaluating external factors to provide you with a strategy for consistent retirement income through a carefully crafted retirement plan.

Your goal at this stage is to begin accumulating assets for the income you’ll need in retirement. From longer life spans to rising healthcare expenses, we’ll guide you through what you’ll need to achieve the unique goals you have for your financial future. It all begins with the right retirement plan, and that’s where we come in.

Wherever your life takes you, Halton Wealth Management is committed to providing the guidance you need to achieve your financial goals. Your certified planner will help you create a holistic financial plan that manages your cash flow so that you have the money you need for your short and intermediate goals without compromising your long-term plans. We’ll help you monitor and adjust your portfolio every step of the way to ensure your financial success, providing plan design and development, advice, and follow-up.
Life can surprise you, especially as retirement nears. If you’re approaching retirement and don’t feel adequately prepared, don’t worry; we’re here to help. Together, we’ll address questions, resolve concerns, and update your financial and estate plans to match your current needs and future goals.

We begin by pinpointing your short- and long-term objectives. When’s your retirement target? Where do you picture your future home? What’s your envisioned daily routine? Then, we forecast earnings and costs for your envisioned lifestyle, factoring in surprises and obligations to prevent any unexpected setbacks.

If you’re behind schedule, we look for the best way for you to catch up, maybe through increased contributions to your retirement funds or trimming expenses elsewhere. We also dive into your existing assets to ensure you’re receiving the best tax benefits on them.

Almost to Retirement: Preparing for the Next Chapter.

In Retirement and Beyond: Enjoying Your Golden Years.

Your retirement plan should offer reliable income from investments, ensuring lifelong sustainability. As financial advisors specializing in retirement planning, we relieve the pressure, taking the worry out of retirement. With an effective plan, your vision for your desired retirement comes to fruition. But remember, your plan doesn’t stop when your paycheques stop. It’s a process that continues throughout your retirement.

Life changes and your plan should reflect those changes. That’s why we provide regular reviews to ensure your plan stays in alignment with your evolving needs and goals. Your financial advisor will reevaluate your plan regularly to assess your short and long-term goals as well as your risk tolerance in retirement. Your needs and goals may change over time, and that’s why we are committed to checking in with you regularly throughout your retirement and making adjustments as needed, always with our commitment to transparency.

Retirement FAQs

Retirement, as they say, can be defined in countless ways. For some, it’s relishing moments with grandkids, while for others, it’s the freedom to explore the globe. At Halton Wealth Management, we’re here to craft, oversee, and enact a personalized financial strategy. We’ll align your portfolio with your retirement vision, empowering you to savor a life of abundance and prosperity.

When should I start planning for retirement?

The best time to start planning for retirement was yesterday, but since you can’t start there, we recommend starting as soon as you can. The sooner you can start putting money towards retirement, the better your financial position will be when you’re ready to retire.

Maximizing your early working years lays a strong foundation for robust retirement savings, but if you have less time to save for retirement, you’ll simply need to save more each year. With a knowledgeable financial advisor, you’ll be able to develop a plan that allows you to enjoy a rich financial future.

Do I need a financial advisor specializing in retirement planning?

In retirement, your financial situation changes from earning and saving to converting assets to income. Planning your financial future allows you to know where your money is coming from the first day of retirement and eliminates the stress of uncertain finances in your later years.

At Halton Wealth Management, our financial advisors specializing in retirement planning help you in the planning and saving phase by optimizing your assets to provide for a consistent and sustainable retirement income. As you get closer to retirement, strategic adjustments are made to solidify your financial position, and changes are made that better align with new goals and plans. During retirement, your financial advisor ensures a smooth transition from savings to income, ensuring a smooth transition and a comfortable lifestyle for your golden years.

What is the retirement age in Canada?

The traditional government pension retirement age hovers around 65, but options exist to start as early as 60 or delay until 70. Initiating your pension earlier leads to smaller monthly payments, while waiting yields a larger monthly sum. That said, there is no benefit to waiting until after 70, as that is when the maximum payout is achieved. Your monthly payout is determined by lifetime earnings, CPP contributions, and your chosen pension initiation and is all based on your income history.

How much money will I need to retire?

Planning for retirement involves determining the financial requirements to sustain your desired lifestyle. Determining how much money you need to retire in Canada depends on a wide variety of factors, including your living expenses, healthcare costs, travel plans, and leisure activities. The standard estimation is 60-80% of your pre-retirement salary. At Halton Wealth Management, your financial advisor is here to assist you with estimating your potential expenses and identifying the amount you’ll need to save ahead of your estimated retirement date. We’ll provide you with personalized guidance, consider your assets and income sources, provide estate planning services, curate a unique investment strategy, and identify potential risks.

Will I have enough money to last throughout my retirement?

Retirement introduces the challenge of managing assets for current and future necessities. Errors during this phase can affect future income. Several retirees hesitate to proceed with their retirement plans, fearing their savings may not last. This mindset is The Retirement Income Uncertainty Trap™, and our passion is to guide you away from it.

Managing your retirement budget is the key to a rich financial future. Post-retirement, your expenses likely decrease. Contributions to your retirement and work-related costs are alleviated. Still, new plans and expenses may arise, like saving for that European vacation or the additional traveling expenses to spend more time with family. No matter what your dream retirement looks like to you, your financial advisor at Halton Wealth Management will help you achieve your financial goals with a customized plan that works for you so that you can enjoy your retirement the way you want to.

How will I pay for medical expenses in retirement?

Canadians hold our government health insurance in high regard, but its coverage might not encompass all anticipated needs. Coupled with employer-provided benefits, it’s easy to overlook potential healthcare expenses. Upon retirement, unexpected out-of-pocket medical costs can come as a surprise, but the good news is that they can be accounted for through proactive planning.

As we age, healthcare expenses tend to escalate alongside declining health. Many Canadians overestimate the coverage provided by government health insurance. Count on your financial planner to guide you through these details as we curate your customized retirement plan, ensuring it covers all your future needs, especially your healthcare.

What changes should I make to my investment portfolio for retirement, if any?

Opting to tweak your existing portfolio might appear daunting, but it’s often crucial to ensure your financial path aligns with the future you’ve envisioned. At Halton Wealth Management, we begin by understanding your financial needs and future aspirations, diving into the key elements crucial for shaping your prosperous future. Our commitment extends beyond your initial investment. We become your financial partners, ensuring regular check-ins to maintain progress toward your goals and providing updates on your investment performance. Assessing your retirement portfolio involves a meticulous review of your current assets and future objectives. We tailor your portfolio precisely to meet your unique goals and aspirations while strategically optimizing tax benefits and minimizing fees, ensuring a robust financial future.

We’ve been stewarding your financial success for over 25 years.

Our founder, James P Gunn (we call him Jim), Financial Advisor since 1996 alongside his wife, Katarina, founded Halton Wealth Management in 2002. Over the years, we’ve developed a dynamic team, combining Jim’s wealth of financial experience and tough love approach with Katarina’s dedication to fostering a close-knit client community. As our team continues to grow, we stay committed to our foundational values, guaranteeing a cohesive approach that maintains the exceptional service our clients have relied on for years.

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Our Values

We strongly believe that your investments should reflect your interests, ambitions, comfort level, and future. That’s why we do things differently.


At Halton Wealth Management, honesty is our cornerstone. Our wealth advisors are committed to offering unwavering, unbiased guidance aligned with your financial goals. Trust us to prioritize your financial success—because we answer to you, not some suit in the sky. So, you can count on us to provide the tough love you need for impactful results.


When you partner with us, you unlock the knowledge we’ve accumulated over decades in financial services. We bring a robust bank of knowledge to the table, ensuring you benefit from the unique blend of expertise and personalized insights tailored to you.


With a focus on long-term solutions, our commitment to you is unwavering. We build relationships with our clients to ensure they consistently succeed in their financial pursuits; because our success is tied directly to yours, we are motivated to help you achieve your financial goals and grow your wealth.

Crafting a Strong and Sustainable Plan for Your Retirement

Explore our custom-tailored solutions carefully prepared to fit your unique needs and future plans. Our strategic approach includes a meticulous risk management assessment and a personalized portfolio, all aimed at helping you achieve your specific financial goals.
We’re dedicated to ensuring you make informed financial decisions. That’s why our proactive approach involves continuous monitoring of your investments, offering transparent reporting, and actively seeking tax-saving opportunities to strengthen your financial future. By minimizing fees and taxes, we create pathways for your investments to thrive. This diligent oversight leads to a sturdy financial outlook. Count on us to keep you updated on your portfolio’s progress, ensuring a confident and secure path for your wealth.

When you partner with Halton Wealth Management, you can trust our team to provide strategic insights, valuable advice, and operational efficiency that is essential for your portfolio to reach its fullest potential. Discover our investment solutions and witness the transformative impact they can have on your financial future today. It’s time to invest with certainty and confidence.

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From your first consultation, expect personalized financial services and continuous support to help you achieve your goals with us.