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Cultivating Richer Lives, One Client at a Time

Our approach to wealth management goes beyond financial growth and protection—it’s about amplifying the quality of your life. A successful financial planner looks beyond the present, keeping your future goals in mind. At Halton Wealth Management, we’re dedicated to enhancing both your right now and your someday. Our commitment is to both your right now and your someday, and that dedication is how we’re enhancing the lives of Canadians nationwide.

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About Us

For over 25+ years, our expertise has guided clients toward the best investment choices for their unique situations. Nestled in Burlington and serving Canadians nationwide, our independent financial advisory firm caters to mindful investors seeking outstanding results. While we provide a wide range of services, we specialize in providing current and future retirees with enduring financial stability through their golden years through sustainable incomes that last. 

When you partner with Halton Wealth Management, you can expect a personalized partnership that starts with your first meeting with your appointed advisor. As independent operators, our compensation rests solely on the effectiveness of our solutions, which means you can trust the advice we deliver. We promise to provide total fee transparency alongside transparent service agreements tailored to your asset scale and needs.

Our Values

We strongly believe that your investments should reflect your interests, ambitions, comfort level, and future. That’s why we do things differently.


At Halton Wealth Management, honesty is our cornerstone. Our wealth advisors are committed to offering unwavering, unbiased guidance aligned with your financial goals. Trust us to prioritize your financial success—because we answer to you, not some suit in the sky. So, you can count on us to provide the tough love you need for impactful results.


When you partner with us, you unlock the knowledge we’ve accumulated over decades in financial services. We bring a robust bank of knowledge to the table, ensuring you benefit from the unique blend of expertise and personalized insights tailored to you.


With a focus on long-term solutions, our commitment to you is unwavering. We build relationships with our clients to ensure they consistently succeed in their financial pursuits; because our success is tied directly to yours, we are motivated to help you achieve your financial goals and grow your wealth.

Ready to take control of your financial future? 

From your first consultation, expect personalized financial services and continuous support to help you achieve your goals with us.