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Learn About Our Fees

When it comes to your investment returns, the fees you pay really matter. Overpaying in fees can reduce the value of your portfolio over time. Not to mention that every fee is subject to HST. Ultimately, the structure of your fees can have a major impact on your overall wealth. At Halton Wealth Management, your wealth is our top priority. That’s why our fees are fully-transparent, negotiable, easily understood, and highly competitive.

Transparency Fees in Halton


Our experts at Halton Wealth Management do not want fees to stand in the way of securing your financial wellbeing. That is why all of our fees are fully transparent. Your financial advisor will provide you with regular and detailed reports, keeping you up-to-date with constant communication. So you never have to wonder what you are paying for with our services. We believe that knowledge is power. Your financial advisor will educate you about what each of our services entails. If you don't learn what you are paying for, then you will never really know what value you are receiving for your money. Full transparency creates trust and means no surprises.

Negotiable Fee Structure in Halton

Negotiable Fee Structure

We want you to feel comfortable and confident with our financial investment services. You can work closely with your advisor to ensure that you are comfortable with the fees and understand them completely. Each of our client’s fees are negotiated based on the size of their portfolio and their specific needs. Our compensation isn’t tied to any commission generated from the sale of any investment products. This allows you to pay fairly for the value of the advice and service that you receive from us. We are proud to offer a Fee-for-Service Platform that aligns our interests with those of our investors. In some circumstances, your fees may even be tax deductible.

Understanding What You Pay in Halton

Understanding What You Pay

The fees related to your financial investment can be very confusing. Your advisor can help you identify the sum of all the fees you currently pay and show you how you can reduce them significantly. This includes both the disclosed advisor portion as well as the embedded portion. When working with us, you will have a clear understanding of all the fees you’ll be responsible for and what you receive for the money you spend. You have a right to know exactly what you are paying for, from advice from your advisor to the management of your portfolio, and more.

Highly-Competitive Fees in Halton


This is where our independence comes into play. When you communicate with Halton Wealth Management, you are dealing with the owner of the firm. Not an employee. The owner of the firm has complete control over how the decisions are made and the ability to negotiate fees. We understand that clients work with us for the value we provide and the results they achieve, that’s why we think it is so important to take a personable approach to our services.

Use this calculator to see what impact a 1% fee reduction will have on your portfolio over time.

Use this calculator to see what impact a 1% fee reduction will have on your portfolio over time.

The Importance of Fees

Have you ever wondered how important fees are to your portfolio? Let’s find out how.

If you only save 1% in fees each year, you still gain a significant amount of savings. In fact, if you save 1% in fees with an original asset of $500,000 for 25 years, then you’ll save over $500,000. In other words, your fee savings will eventually pay for your original investment. That’s what we call smart investing.

Year Initial Asset Value Value with 5% Net
Projected Growth
Value with 6.13% Net
Projected Growth
Fee Savings
11 $500,000.00$500,000 $525,000.00$525,000 $530,650.00$530,650 $5,650.00$5,650
2525 $500,000.00$500,000 $1,693,177.47$1,693,177.47 $2,212,708.02$2,212,708.02 $519,530.55$519,530.55

Start Saving Now

It’s time to take your finances into your own hands.

At Halton Wealth Management, we’ll thoroughly look at your current investment situation and give you a full breakdown of the fees you pay. These calculations can speak for themselves. If you would like to learn how much you can save with a transparent financial advisor, get in touch with us. We will outline all the areas where you can save. With help from our experts, we can help you save your money and put it where it belongs. Invested in your future.


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