Fraud Prevention: Is Your Wealth Safe?

When it comes to protecting ourselves and our loved ones from fraud and identity theft it takes focus and commitment. We cannot let our guard down. We should never underestimate the thieves. They are well trained and experts in deceiving us. People fall victim every day. In fact, you likely know someone that has been victimized. It can be while we travel or while at home. The theft can be small or large. It can be something of immediate value that can be converted easily to cash or something potentially larger. It can be something you realize quickly is gone like a camera for example. But much worse is something you don’t know right away has been stolen like your identity. In this case, the damage can be disastrous, not to mention embarrassing. We sometimes make the mistake in thinking this can only happen to people who are careless or less educated about the issue. The fact is that we are all vulnerable to becoming a victim of fraud. I encourage you to read this article as it speaks to this issue.

One group of people that are particularly vulnerable are the seniors. Generally, seniors have more assets and are usually more trusting by nature. This only makes them easier targets. This might be an opportunity to discuss this issue with aging parents and relatives. As a group, they seldom ask for this type of help but can prove to be in a very high-risk group. You could potentially help them deal with many issues they are currently facing on their own and relieve some stress in their lives. Just addressing the subject demonstrates that you truly care about them.

It’s all about awareness. Sometimes just initiating this discussion goes a long way in preventing theft. To help, this link identifies the top five risks for 2017.

If this is a concern to you and would like some help with ideas of how to start this discussion we are only a phone call away and would glad to talk about your situation. 

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