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MoneySense: Your Advisor’s Seal of Approval

Reviews make a big difference in the online world. Anyone can claim online that their products or services are the best, but it’s reviews that add truth to those claims.

Think about it. How often have you trusted one business over another because of its reviews? If other people or organizations clearly approve of a business, it proves they’re trustworthy. Why should it be any different with your financial advisor?

When you’re deciding who to trust with your finances, it’s wise to search for a financial advisor endorsed by knowledgeable individuals and organizations. Take MoneySense, for example. As one of Canada’s most comprehensive personal finance websites, you can trust them to provide you with balanced, expert information. So, is your financial advisor MoneySense approved?

We’re proud to have MoneySense’s approval and endorsement. To us, it’s a mark of their faith in our ability to provide quality service and guidance. We don’t take that lightly. Instead, we let that endorsement drive us to continue providing the kind of financial advice and management that deserves such an endorsement.

If you’re still in the process of selecting a financial advisor, or would just like a no-obligation second opinion, why not give us a call? We’ll provide you with a free assessment, and outline the best steps for you to achieve a better financial future. Contact us now!

To visit MoneySense’s site and browse a variety of articles about investments, RESPs, buying a home, and other personal finance topics, visit

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